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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Mrunal dramatically informing Soniya about the marriage between Vandana and Kunal. Soniya appears surprised, so to add more excitement, Mrunal also mentions the consequences of their union. She explains that after their marriage, they will easily gain custody of Tara, making Vandana the queen and successfully snatching both Tara and Kunal away from Soniya. Soniya is momentarily frozen and then inquires about Mrunal’s intense hatred for her sister. Mrunal reveals that she has despised Vandana since childhood, mainly because she was constantly compared to her. She passionately states that her ultimate goal is to ruin Vandana’s life. Therefore, she intentionally seeks Soniya’s help, as Soniya will assist Vaibhav in obtaining the bell. Together, they unite against Vandana.

Pummy seeks attention from Vedika, Guneet, and Bobby, but they do not pay any heed. Instead, Tara retaliates by throwing a lizard at Pummy for uttering a curse word towards Vandana. This angers Pummy greatly. Soniya approaches Vandana to disturb her, asserting that Kunal will never love Vandana because he only loves Soniya, and Tara is a symbol of their love. Soniya warns Vandana that Kunal is a beast who will use her and then discard her from his life. Vandana calmly listens to Soniya’s words. Suddenly, she tightly grabs Mrunal’s hand and expresses her sole desire to become Tara’s mother, which is why she is marrying Kunal. Vandana openly challenges Soniya to do whatever she can.

She also informs Soniya that Kunal is no longer the same person and that Soniya should not assume she can manipulate Vandana as she used to. Bobby comes downstairs, engrossed in something on his phone. He accidentally drops his phone, catching the attention of Vedika and Guneet. They see a misleading photo of Vandana on the phone. Pummy also arrives after witnessing the commotion and adds more drama to the situation. Bobby and Guneet explain that the photo is a result of artificial intelligence and nothing more. Everyone starts discussing the photo. Vedika becomes worried, thinking that the photo might have reached Vandana’s house as well. She appears deeply concerned. Mrunal goes to Vijay’s house to show them the fake picture of Vandana.

She declares that this is the actuality. Vijay appears visibly agitated. Hemant, Anagha, and Vijay himself begin receiving phone calls. Mrunal asserts that all of these occurrences are a result of Vandana’s immoral mindset. She commences fabricating false narratives behind the picture. Eventually, Vijay musters the courage to voice his dissent. In truth, it is Mrunal and Soniya who created that counterfeit photograph to tarnish Vandana’s reputation. Vandana ventures to the market, where everyone begins to hurl curses at her. No one consents to engage with her, and even the vendors refuse to sell vegetables to her. Vandana remains oblivious to the existence of the photo, until the public presents it to her and starts berating her.

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