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Barsatein 10th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein Written Update 10th December 2023

Barsatein 10th December 2023 Written Update:

The episode kicks off with the priest emphasizing the significance of the thread that both Jai and Aradhana are about to hold. He then instructs them to hold it. However, Jai refuses, leading Aradhana to question him. Jai explains that she keeps talking about her own marriage, forgetting that they are both getting married. He goes on to discuss how their relationship will be after they tie the knot. Jai also mentions that Aradhana is being influenced by Reyansh, causing her to overlook the importance of marriage and seek revenge against him. Jai advises Aradhana to take her time and think about her actions. Aradhana is left speechless, staring at Jai. Meanwhile, Reyansh appears saddened outside the police station.

Inside, Jai is questioned by a fellow prisoner for not refusing to marry Aradhana, despite her insistence. Jai explains that the other person wouldn’t understand his decision. At the same time, Aradhana is questioned by her cellmate about choosing to marry Jai. Aradhana recalls Jakruti asking her the same question and opens up to her cellmate about Jai. She agrees to marry him, knowing that she will never love him, as Jai always wished for her happiness without any expectations. Jai also discusses the meaning of love. Aradhana shares her own perspective on love with her cellmate. Reyansh remembers Aradhana’s open challenge and everything that happened after she decided to marry Jai, feeling saddened by it.

The next day, Aradhana is released from prison and notices Reyansh sleeping outside. Next to him is a car with a “Just Married” banner. She sits beside Reyansh, and he wakes up. Reyansh admits that she has defeated him and reminisces about the time he fell in love with her. However, Aradhana reminds him of all the pain he caused her. Reyansh acknowledges that love comes with suffering, but Aradhana disagrees, stating that their perspectives on love are different. She adds that they both have to live with the memories they once created. Aradhana informs Reyansh that she didn’t marry Jai because he made her realize the wrongness of her actions. Reyansh feels relieved to know that Aradhana didn’t marry Jai.

Aradhana informs Reyansh that she intends to have a proper wedding ceremony with Jai. This news upsets and confuses Reyansh. Aradhana contacts her attorney, who informs Reyansh that he is prohibited from approaching her due to a restraining order. Later, Aradhana accuses Reyansh of causing mental distress to her, her family, and her fiancé in front of everyone. She also informs Reyansh that the court will be closed for the next two days, so he won’t be able to prevent her marriage to Jai. Aradhana then departs with Jai, while Reyansh is taken to jail.

Determined, Reyansh vows to himself that he won’t let Aradhana marry Jai. Aradhana is disturbed and upset, imagining a wedding ceremony with Reyansh, but her scarf catches fire during the marriage rituals. Both Malini and Bhakti enter Aradhana’s room. Malini expresses her joy at seeing Aradhana as the bride and also mentions missing Kimaya. Kiki arrives and begs Aradhana for forgiveness. Aradhana tells Kiki that she is glad she is participating in her wedding and agrees to let Kiki bring Haldi from Jai’s house. Kiki hugs Aradhana but secretly smirks without Aradhana’s knowledge.

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