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5 Best Life Insurance for Overweight Individuals

Obesity is a prevalent health concern, affecting individuals worldwide. While being overweight can impact your health, it does not mean you cannot obtain life insurance coverage. Many insurance companies now offer policies specifically tailored to individuals who are overweight, providing them with the protection they need. In this article, we will explore the best life insurance options available for overweight individuals.

1. Prudential Life Insurance:

Prudential Life Insurance is a top choice for overweight individuals seeking life insurance coverage. They have a program called PruTerm WorkLife 65, which specifically caters to those who are overweight or obese. Prudential takes a comprehensive approach to underwriting, considering various health factors in addition to weight. This approach allows them to provide coverage to individuals who may have been declined by other insurance companies.

2. Protective Life Insurance:

Protective Life Insurance is known for its willingness to offer coverage to individuals who are overweight. They have flexible underwriting guidelines that take into account various health factors, including weight. Protective Life Insurance offers term life insurance policies with coverage amounts up to $10 million. They also provide competitive rates, making it an attractive option for overweight individuals.

3. John Hancock Life Insurance:

John Hancock Life Insurance is renowned for its innovative underwriting practices. They have a program called John Hancock Vitality, which rewards policyholders for living a healthy lifestyle. This program offers individuals who are overweight the opportunity to earn discounts on their premiums by participating in wellness activities and making positive changes to their health. John Hancock’s unique approach makes it a great choice for those looking for both coverage and incentives to improve their health.

4. AIG Life Insurance:

AIG Life Insurance is another reputable company that offers life insurance options for overweight individuals. They have a program called AIG Quality of Life, which provides coverage for individuals with certain health conditions, including obesity. AIG takes into account various factors beyond weight to assess an individual’s overall health. They offer both term and permanent life insurance policies, providing flexibility to meet different needs.

5. Mutual of Omaha:

Mutual of Omaha is a well-established insurance company that offers coverage to overweight individuals. They have a program called “Fit Underwriting,” which takes into account an individual’s overall health and lifestyle choices. Mutual of Omaha provides term life insurance options with competitive rates. They also offer an accelerated underwriting process, which allows for quicker approval and coverage.


Being overweight should not deter individuals from seeking life insurance coverage. The companies mentioned above, including Prudential Life Insurance, Protective Life Insurance, John Hancock Life Insurance, AIG Life Insurance, and Mutual of Omaha, have demonstrated a willingness to offer coverage to overweight individuals. When searching for the best life insurance for overweight individuals, it is crucial to compare quotes, evaluate coverage options, and consider the underwriting guidelines of each company. By doing so, individuals can find a policy that meets their needs and provides the necessary financial protection for their loved ones.

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