Chand Jalne Laga 1st December 2023 Written Update

chand jalne laga written update

Chand Jalne Laga Written Update 1st December 2023

Chand Jalne Laga 1st December 2023 Written Update:

The episode begins with Ananya requesting Tara to initiate a video call. Tara complies and makes the video call. However, she is taken aback when she sees the distressed state of Palash’s mother. Ananya inquires about who could have caused this harm. Unfortunately, Palash’s husband overhears her voice and checks the phone. He accuses her of meddling in his family matters and disrespecting his wife. Tara advises him not to underestimate his wife’s capabilities, as she is capable of anything. He arrogantly dismisses her claims and belittles her. Tara urges Palash’s mother to stand up and fight back, reminding her that she brought Palash into this world. She reassures her that she is there to support her. Palash’s mother gathers her strength and physically confronts her husband, causing him to fall to the ground. She then informs Tara that Palash has hidden Badsha in their ice factory.

Ananya reveals that she is familiar with the location and instructs Tara to rescue Badsha and Malik. Tara tries to call Malik, but he does not answer. Meanwhile, Malik arrives at the designated spot. Palash smugly remarks that he knew Malik would come. Malik confronts Palash, stating that he has a problem with him, which is why he released Badsha. Palash claims that Malik unnecessarily interfered in his relationship with Tara, which led to him meddling with Badsha and Malik. The bouncer checks Malik and confiscates his phone. Malik raises his hand to strike Palash, warning him that he will not let him have Badsha. Palash reveals Badsha to Malik, and his goons attack him. Malik pleads with Palash to release Badsha because their dispute is solely between them. Palash arrogantly declares that he just wanted to play with Malik, and mocks him for showing affection towards a horse.

However, he admits that he does not have the key to release Badsha, as one of his goons possesses it. Palash’s goons continue to beat Malik until they find the key, reveling in the anticipation of Malik’s condition once he obtains it. Tara becomes frustrated when Malik fails to answer her call. Palash orders his goons to continue beating Malik. Malik grimaces in pain, while Badsha becomes furious. Palash relentlessly beats Malik until his hand begins to ache. Finally, one of the goons announces that he has found the key. Palash remarks on the horse’s luck, and Malik takes the key, attempting to open the lock. He apologizes to Badsha and asks him not to be angry with him. Palash taunts Malik, questioning his ability to open the lock and suggesting that he may have been given the wrong key. Meanwhile, Tara arrives at the location and starts searching for Malik.

Palash confides in Malik, expressing the arduous journey that brought them to this point. He makes it clear that he won’t easily part ways with Malik, and imposes his demand for Malik to humbly touch Palash’s shoe with his nose. In a cruel twist, they even go as far as threatening harm to innocent horses. Feeling a sense of urgency, Malik pleads with Palash to cease these actions. Eventually, Malik agrees to apologize, urging Palash not to repeat this behavior. Palash, insistent upon an apology, compels Malik to kneel. Palash’s excitement is palpable as he anticipates Malik’s compliance. However, just as Malik is about to carry out this demeaning act, Tara intervenes, demanding an end to it all. She takes matters into her own hands, hurling a stone at Palash with a slingshot. Tara reminds Malik that while he may disregard her, she deeply cares for Badsha.

She questions whether he is afraid of Palash, referring to him as insignificant. Tara proposes that they face their adversaries together, united against them. Extending a helping hand, she assists Malik in standing up, their connection growing stronger. Emotions intensify as they draw close to one another, locking eyes in a moment of profound connection. Malik and Tara courageously battle the goons, their gazes interlocking amidst the chaos. Even as Malik confronts Palash, he remains fixated on Tara, never breaking their eye contact. Together, they overpower the goons, ensuring the area is secure. Tara implores Malik to free Badsha, prompting him to open the gate. Overwhelmed with relief, Tara and Malik embrace Badsha.

Sensing danger, Malik suggests they leave immediately. In a final act of defiance, Palash fires his gun, vowing not to let them escape. In a daring act, Malik challenges Palash to shoot him instead, highlighting that if Badsha is harmed, there will be consequences. Tara recalls Malik’s earlier words, reflecting on their significance. Palash issues a chilling threat, clutching Badsha tightly and demanding that they enter the freezer. Malik adamantly refuses, refusing to subject Badsha to such cruelty. Palash escalates his threats, declaring his intention to harm Badsha.


chand jalne laga written update

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