GHKKPM 1st December 2023 Written Update

ghkkpm written update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st December 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 1st December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Savi expressing to Harini that she must conquer her fear and assures her that nothing will harm her. Harini agrees to sing at the Bhosle residence under the condition that Savi accompanies her for support. Savi agrees to this. Savi then decides to have a conversation with Ishaan regarding the matter. Durva does not like any of the dresses. Ishaan smiles upon seeing her. Durva asks for Ishaan’s assistance. Ishaan receives a call from Harini. He steps out to answer the call. Harini informs him that she will perform in his place. Ishaan responds positively to the news. Harini also mentions that Savi wants to speak to him. Savi explains Harini’s condition to Ishaan. Ishaan tells Savi that she is welcome to accompany Harini. Savi expresses her gratitude. Ishaan contemplates how his family will react upon seeing Savi.

Later, Santosh calls Harini. Harini expresses her gratitude to Santosh for suggesting her name to Ishaan. Santosh inquires if she still has his number saved. They engage in a cheerful conversation. Santosh informs Harini that he will meet her and Savi soon. He wishes her the best for her performance. Yashwant and Surekha check the arrangements. Nishi informs Yashwant that they should invite Shantanu to the engagement to prevent gossip. Yashwant instructs Nishi to only invite Shantanu and explicitly states that he does not want Isha to attend their family function.

Nishi agrees. Surekha notices that Ishaan is struggling to sew his button. She assists him. Ishaan apologizes to Surekha and asks for her forgiveness. Surekha expresses how much he means to her. Surekha asks Ishaan to meet the girl she has chosen for him at Durva’s function. Ishaan agrees to meet the girl in order to make Surekha happy. Surekha feels overjoyed. Ishaan informs Surekha that Savi will be coming with Harini. Surekha states that it is fine as long as Savi does not cause any trouble at their home. Isha asks Shantanu to fulfill his responsibility and go to his house.

She reminds him that he does not need an invitation. Nishi calls Shantanu and invites him to the engagement. Asmita and Avni help Durva get ready. Nishi joins them and becomes emotional. Asmita mentions that Durva is still a child and that it is not the right time for her to get married. Nishi believes that Surekha’s decision will be the right one and that Durva will thrive in her husband’s household. Durva agrees. Durva lightens the mood. Avni brings Durva to the engagement venue. Durva’s friends tease her and compliment her appearance.

Ishaan compliments Durva on her appearance, expressing his admiration. He insists that she accompany him. Ayush witnesses Ishaan accidentally dropping his box and kindly offers to retrieve it for him. Durva gratefully accepts the box from Ishaan. As she opens it, she notices a warning note from Ishaan, urging Sam to take care of his sister in case something happens. Overwhelmed by emotion, Durva embraces Ishaan tightly. Playfully, Ishaan teases Durva afterwards. Surekha requests Ishaan to call Harini. Surekha notices Harini and Savi arriving together.

Durva becomes upset upon seeing Savi at her engagement party. Determined to confront Savi and teach her a lesson, Durva attempts to approach her. Ishaan intervenes, preventing Durva from doing so. Durva questions Ishaan as to who invited Savi to her engagement party. Ishaan explains that Savi came to support her sister, Harini, and nothing more. Durva argues with Ishaan, claiming that Savi seeks attention and intends to ruin her engagement to hog the limelight. Durva continues to argue with Ishaan, even insinuating that he gave Savi a gift as a bribe to keep her silent.

Ishaan firmly denies such allegations. Shantanu notices that Isha is feeling lightheaded. He offers his assistance to Isha, who reveals that she forgot to take her medication on time, causing her dizziness. Isha insists that Shantanu leave and that she can take care of herself. Shantanu adamantly refuses to leave her alone in this condition. Yashwant implores Surekha to handle the situation. Surekha manages to calm Durva down, assuring her that if they give a chance to a new singer, it will only bring more blessings to her.


ghkkpm written update

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