Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie Written Update 9th December 2023

Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Amma ji expressing to Agastya that if his past holds no significance for him, then he should not keep the photo with him. This statement infuriates Agastya, prompting him to set ablaze all the belongings. Imlie, with the assistance of Dolly and Jugnu, attempts to extinguish the fire. Imlie instructs Dolly to clean the photo of Agastya’s mother. Imlie enters the room to find Agastya in a sleeping position, but clearly distressed.

Navya receives information from Biswa that he is on his way to gather information about Imlie. Navya tries to dissuade Biswa, but he explains that it is essential to uncover details about Imlie, thus heading towards her house. Biswa arrives at Imlie’s residence with an enigmatic mask. Dolly informs Jugnu that Imlie successfully extinguished the fire and saved all the belongings. Dolly remarks that Agastya’s mother was exceptionally beautiful, to which Jugnu suggests that this is why Agastya ji resembles a hero.

Biswa searches Imlie’s house and discovers a picture of a woman. Meanwhile, Agastya wakes up and walks away, causing Imlie to attempt to stop him. Biswa discreetly takes the photo and tries to leave the house, but is interrupted by Bulbul, who injures her leg in the process. Bulbul notices the disarrayed room and wonders who is responsible. She begins organizing the items while Biswa quietly exits the house.

Agastya begins playing the piano with the same melody, attracting everyone’s attention. He informs the family members that they have gathered to see him because he is hurt. Agastya declares that he is still a child in Amma ji’s eyes. Shivani consoles Agastya, but he urges her not to be upset, as he does not want his soon-to-be sister-in-law to be distressed before leaving home. Agastya inquires with Karam whether his future sister-in-law is arriving or not. Karam explains that Yashvi is not coming today due to flight ticket issues but will arrive soon.

Govind inquires Karam about the arrival of Yashvi along with her parents. In response, Karam informs Govind that he had already instructed Yashvi to bring her parents along. Rajni questions Karam about whether Yashvi’s parents have been informed about their plans or not. Navya, accompanied by Avi, approaches Shivani and asks whose welcome they are preparing for. Shivani enlightens Navya about the upcoming visit of Karam’s girlfriend with her parents to meet them tomorrow. Rajni extends an invitation to Navya to join them. Shivani expresses her concerns about whether everything will go smoothly for her potential sister-in-law or not. She wonders if the sister-in-law will be able to handle the situation. Karam assures her and instructs everyone to take their seats as he will be joining them soon.

Imlie confronts Karam and questions why he is trying to avoid everyone. She urges him to accept the truth in front of everyone. Karam admits that he is unable to do anything as he is afraid of Amma ji. He doesn’t want Amma ji to think of him the way she thinks about Agastya and Dhanraj. Imlie points out that by hiding all the secrets from Amma ji, he is causing her more pain. She tells Karam that he still needs to confess, as it will be a big problem if Amma ji finds out from someone else. Imlie receives a call from Bulbul, who informs her that she is scared because someone was in the house in her absence. Imlie asks about the whereabouts of Bulbul’s mother, to which Bulbul replies that she is not present but will be back in two days. Bulbul expresses her desire to stay at Imlie’s house.

Despite knowing the situation, Imlie tries to decline the request and suggests that Bulbul should call her if she feels any danger. Agastya dismisses Imlie’s concerns as a joke. However, Imlie insists that her sister is genuinely scared and alone at home. She requests Agastya to allow Bulbul to stay for the night. Agastya assumes that Imlie is only doing this because Karam’s girlfriend is coming the next day. This angers Imlie, and she firmly states that she will not call Bulbul for a night stay, but she will not leave her alone either. Agastya attempts to persuade Imlie, but she remains determined not to abandon her sister. Imlie informs Agastya that she was managing everything because Amma ji was angry with her, but now she cannot handle it anymore. She advises Agastya to focus on his own house and not worry about her, as the rest will be taken care of by Radha Rani. As Imlie tries to leave, Agastya holds her hand and accuses her of putting on an act. Imlie fiercely denies his accusation and states that she is not pretending, but rather she has already distanced herself from him. With her bag in hand, Imlie walks away.


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