Junooniyat 3 November 2023 Written Update

junooniyat written update

Junooniyat Written Update 3 November 2023

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Junooniyat 3 November 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Jordan dialing Jahan from an unfamiliar telephone number. Jahan becomes anxious and informs the priest that he needs to leave urgently. He emphasizes the importance of keeping this information to themselves. Upon arriving at the designated location, the police request Jahan’s assistance in identifying a body. To his astonishment, Jahan discovers that the body in the coffin is none other than Jordan, sparking a surge of pity within him. Seizing the opportunity, Jordan renders Jahan unconscious, believing that by abstaining from using his phone, others will assume his story has come to an end. Instructing his henchmen to place him inside the coffin, Jordan employs this ruse as a means of concealing himself.

Meanwhile, Ilahi confides in Husna, expressing her apprehension that something unfortunate may befall Jahan. She implores Husna to search for him in his room. Accompanied by Husna, Ilahi investigates Jahan’s room only to find his wedding attire without him present. Ilahi attempts to contact Jahan, but his phone remains switched off. Suddenly, the power is disrupted, plunging the area into darkness. Seizing this opportunity, Jordan arrives in disguise. Mistaking him for Jahan, Ilahi embraces him and expresses her concerns that Jordan will attempt to sabotage the impending wedding. It is at this moment that Ilahi recognizes the true identity of the disguised figure as Jordan. Reacting swiftly, he escorts her away from the scene.

Once the power is restored, Ilahi is nowhere to be found. Jordan warns her against raising an alarm and emphasizes that Jahan’s life is in peril. To reinforce his point, he shares a video of Jahan, which greatly agitates Ilahi. Jordan presents her with an ultimatum: marry him or watch Jahan perish. He claims that the burial location of the coffin has remained undiscovered, further solidifying his dominance over the situation. Despite Ilahi’s protestations that he is acting immorally, Jordan asserts his possessiveness over her and demands her compliance in matrimony.

Later, Dolly, consumed by worry, expresses concern for Ilahi’s well-being. Ilahi reassures her, falsely claiming that Jahan is by her side. Unbeknownst to Jordan, Ilahi and he proceed to sit on the ceremonial platform. Ilahi harbors the intention of exposing Jordan’s true identity to everyone present. Jordan, on the other hand, remains confident that he is about to marry Ilahi and that Jahan’s demise is imminent. Dolly proceeds to tie the sacred wedding knot. The priest then instructs the couple to encircle the holy fire and exchange vows. Suddenly, Jahan emerges from the coffin, prompting Ilahi to feign a fall.

She seizes this opportunity to inform Dolly of the deception, revealing that the man present is actually Jordan and that Jahan’s life is in grave danger. Ilahi warns Dolly not to react, as any sudden movement may result in Jahan’s death. Fueled by determination, Jahan confronts the goons and manages to escape from their clutches. Dolly urgently informs Baljeet of the imminent threat to Jahan’s life. As the truth gradually unravels, various family members become aware of the situation. Jahan hitches a ride to quickly arrive at the ceremonial platform. Meanwhile, Varun notifies the police about the impending danger to Jahan’s life. Ilahi pretends to faint, diverting attention away from herself. Baljeet instructs Husna to escort her inside.

Jordan intercepted them and held a blade against Ilahi’s throat. He demanded that the priest recite the sacred chant. With brute force, he compelled Ilahi into a forced marriage. Just then, Jahan arrived on the scene and forcefully dragged Jordan away. A scuffle ensued between them. Ilahi pleaded with Jahan to release him, but she responded with a string of profanities. The police swiftly arrived and apprehended Jordan. Ilahi declared that she had never prayed for anyone’s life to be ruined, but now she wanted to inflict the same fate upon him.

The police escorted him away. Ilahi and Jahan tied the knot. The priest urged them to seek blessings from their parents. Tina suggested capturing the moment with a selfie. Mahi glared at them disapprovingly. Several years later, family members showered Jahan’s baby with love and affection. Ilahi watched them with adoration. Jahan suggested going out for dinner, and Ilahi invited everyone to join. Just as Ilahi received a phone call, she was left in shock upon hearing Jordan’s voice. Jahan shared the same astonishment.

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