Meet 14 November 2023 Written Update

meet written update

Meet 14 November 2023 Written Update

Meet 14 November 2023] Written Update:

The episode commences with a music industry producer interrogating Sumeet about Shlok’s inability to sing. Sumeet assures him that she will speak to Shlok and ensure he performs his best today. She advises Shlok to showcase his talent and sing for his loved ones. The producer mentions that the technicians are ready to wrap up. Sumeet pleads with him to give Shlok one last opportunity. She instructs Shlok to forget about the presence of anyone else in the room and imagine it is just him and her. Shlok delivers a beautiful performance which impresses everyone. He successfully records the song, receiving applause from all. Shlok’s face lights up with joy and Sumeet embraces him. They return home to find the lights turned off.

Their entire family surprises them by decorating the walls with photos of Sumeet and Shlok, cheering for the rockstar. Shlok inquiries about the reason for the celebration. Raj and Rajeev inform him that Mr. Ambani informed them that his new song’s teaser has already garnered millions of views and is loved by the audience. As a result, the producer organized a party to celebrate this success and informed them. Raj also shares that even Shagun couldn’t handle Shlok’s success and had to close down her own company, fleeing to America with Raunak. Poonam expresses relief that Shagun, who caused them so much pain, has left. She instructs everyone to prepare as Mr. Ambani is likely to arrive with the media.

Sumeet asks them to wait a moment and brings Pankhuri into the room. Raj and Priyanka recall Pankhuri’s disrespectful behavior towards them. Poonam states that Pankhuri has no right to partake in the happiness of the household. Sumeet convinces them that Pankhuri is also a member of the family. Shlok asks if Sarthak, Raj, and Priyanka can forgive Pankhuri. Sumeet acknowledges that it may be difficult for the three of them to forgive her, but if they don’t, Pankhuri will suffer from guilt indefinitely. Pankhuri sits and tearfully pleads for forgiveness. She admits to her grave mistake and expresses her intention to leave forever. Sumeet once again beseeches everyone to forgive Pankhuri.

Priyanka lifts Pankhuri from the ground. Pankhuri proceeds towards Sarthak and offers her apologies once again. Sumeet extends her hand towards Sarthak and he warmly accepts it. Mr. Amani arrives at the location accompanied by media reporters who interrogate Shlok about whom he wishes to credit for his achievement. Shlok informs the media that the reason behind his success is his wife, Sumeet, and he compliments her.

Raj asserts that it has been proven that Meet is present in Sumeet, as she willingly endures pain to bring happiness to others. Raj states that Sumeet and Meet are like shadows of each other. Everyone present applauds for Sumeet. Raj and Shlok lift her up and cheer for her. Chanda Ve, the new album of Sumeet and Shlok, is officially launched. The episode concludes with Shlok singing while his entire family dances together, with Sumeet playing the dhol.

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