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Parineeti 10th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti Written Update 10th December 2023

Parineeti 10th December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Bebe expressing to Neeti that she is incapable of taking any action. She lacks the authority to prevent this wedding. Bebe mentions how Savitri fought against the gods in order to bring her husband back to life. Bebe urges Neeti to intervene and halt this wedding. She questions how Neeti plans to accomplish this task. Bebe highlights Neeti’s experience as an air hostess and her education, suggesting that she is equipped to stop the wedding. Bebe implores Neeti to do whatever it takes to prevent Parineet from marrying Sanju. In response, Neeti asserts that she will not permit this wedding to proceed.

Meanwhile, Sanju speaks to Parineet, expressing his understanding of her pain. He promises to rectify his mistakes and ensure he does not cause her any further distress. Neeti only cares about her own emotions. Chandrika approaches them and inquires about their well-being. Parminder suggests they all dance together. Parineet and Sanju claim to not be in the mood for dancing, but Parminder insists they dance to lighten the atmosphere. Eventually, they agree. Neeti arrives at the scene and asks Parineet to dance with her. They dance together, but Neeti intentionally causes Parineet to trip and fall. Sanju rushes to her aid, causing everyone to worry about her. Sanju helps Parineet with her sprain. Neeti pretends to express concern for her well-being. Sanju indirectly insults Neeti, implying that she is jealous of Parineet.

He tells Parineet that it is God’s desire for her to enjoy this wedding and assures her that nothing will harm her. Neeti feels hurt witnessing Sanju’s care for Parineet. Babli comments that it will be difficult for Parineet to dance with Sanju after getting hurt. However, Sanju assures them that they will definitely dance. He explains that he is not hurt and will dance with her. Neeti walks away from the scene, but Bebe stops her. Neeti confesses to Bebe that Sanju is pretending to love Parineet in order to make her jealous. His intention is to irritate her. Bebe, aware of everything, questions why Neeti is stepping back. Bebe asks her why she is leaving despite knowing the truth. Neeti insists that she was the one who was betrayed by Sanju, not the other way around. Bebe implores Neeti to let go of her ego, as it has caused damage to many lives. Bebe offers her advice.

Neeti confides in her, expressing her confusion and lack of direction. Bebe advises her to win a place in Sanju’s affections. Neeti responds, stating that she doesn’t care if Sanju marries someone else. Bebe counters by threatening to send her a wedding photo of Parineet and Sanju. This angers Neeti, prompting her to storm inside the house. Bebe takes pride in her actions. In the meantime, Neeti searches the wardrobe and realizes that her clothes are missing from Sanju’s room. She assumes that only Sanju’s belongings remain. Sanju arrives and notices her presence. He questions her purpose and asserts that she should not enter without permission, as it is his room. Neeti clarifies that she used to stay in the room. Sanju insists that she no longer stays there and disapproves of her intrusion. Neeti asks him about her belongings, to which he replies that he has stored them in a separate room. Neeti expresses her disbelief that he has moved on with Parineet.

Sanju confirms that he has indeed moved on. Neeti accuses him of marrying Parineet solely to provoke her and make her jealous. She believes the wedding is merely a facade and that he will return to her one day. Sanju ponders whether she is telling the truth or if he is truly trying to make Neeti jealous by marrying Parineet. He concludes that it is unlikely. Chandrika complains to Parineet about Neeti’s lingering presence, as she believes Neeti is there to sabotage their dance performance. Chandrika intentionally causes Neeti to fall. Neeti accuses Parineet of ruining her life and stealing her husband. Chandrika questions why Neeti is still present if she is divorced.

Neeti accuses Parineet of putting on an act. Parineet confidently states that she can take Neeti’s place. Neeti calls both Parineet and Sanju liars. She challenges them to get married. Sanju intervenes, taking Neeti away from the situation. Neeti complains to Sanju about him hurting her hand. Sanju questions why she is even there, asserting that she has no right to stay. Neeti asks if he truly loved her, to which he nods in affirmation. He explains that he respects Parineet because she respects his family, unlike Neeti who insulted them. Sanju recalls Neeti’s accusation that he was pretending to marry Parineet and assures her that she will find her answer in his eyes. He declares his intention to marry Parineet.

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