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Pashminna 9th December 2023 Written Update

Pashminna Serial Written Update 9th December 2023

Pashminna 9th December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Raghav informing Preeti’s father that Pashminna must have awakened, so he intends to visit her and departs from there. Pashminna awakens and inquires if she is in paradise. Preeti reassures Pashminna that she is indeed fine and they will return home soon. Preeti’s father arrives at the scene. Pashminna becomes overjoyed upon seeing him. She expresses to him that destiny’s game is a miracle. She tells Preeti how much she loves her. Baby arrives and states that it is impossible to find a donor with Pashminna’s rare blood type. Raghav dismisses Baby from the area. Preeti becomes emotional and leaves. Preeti’s father follows after her. Pashminna confides in Raghav about the death of her pet. She reveals that Preeti lied to her in order to avoid hurting her.

Furthermore, she discloses that she was aware of Preeti’s deception but pretended to believe her. Preeti cries, and her father consoles her. Pashminna inquires of Raghav how much time she has left. She requests that Raghav not lie to her. She tells him that he would not have found a blood donor. Raghav informs her that her blood type is rare. He urges her to ask Preeti to contact her father, as Pashminna has the right to request blood from him. Preeti overhears their conversation. Avinash informs Ayesha that they are returning to Mumbai. Ayesha questions why he is discussing their return now.

Pashminna tells Raghav that the person in question is a stranger to her, and she will not disclose anything to Preeti. She declares that Preeti is a lioness and has fought against the entire world for her. Avinash is taken aback upon seeing Preeti. He asks her what she is doing there and moves towards the exit. Preeti asks him if he is running away once again. He advises her to leave. She commands him to donate blood to Pashminna. He informs her that he has high blood pressure. She asserts that she knows he is lying. She states that Pashminna has a right to Avinash’s blood. She threatens to expose their truth to everyone if he refuses to donate blood to Pashminna.

He warns her that she will face humiliation if she does so. She tells him that she has already faced humiliation in her life. She declares that she has nothing left to lose. She informs him that he will lose Ayesha and Raghav. She adds that she is standing before Avinash as a mother, and she is willing to go to any lengths for Pashminna. Pashminna informs Raghav that Preeti went to procure blood and she is confident that Preeti will return with it. Raghav informs her that Preeti is not fighting. Pashminna struggles to breathe. Kailash believes that Avinash and Raghav must not leave without signing the contract papers. Preeti arrives with the blood for Pashminna.

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