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Pushpa Impossible 9th December 2023 Written Update

Pushpa Impossible Written Update 9th December 2023

Pushpa Impossible 9th December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Bapodara inquiring of Susheela’s whereabouts during the midnight hours. Susheela fabricates an excuse and explains that she ventured to the Mahindra store to purchase Jaljeera. She fears that if Bapodara discovers the truth about the jewelry, he may cause a scene. She adjusts the Bedsheet on Chirag and retreats inside. Pushpa reveals the jewelry to Juggal and informs him that Susheela bestowed it upon her. Juggal questions why she accepted the jewelry and warns that Bapodhara will cause a commotion if he learns that Susheela gave it to her in order to save Ashwin. Pushpa justifies her decision by stating that she requires Susheela’s assistance to rescue Ashwin from imprisonment.

She confesses her uncertainty regarding how she will return the jewelry to Susheela. Juggal consoles her with comforting words. The following day, Bapodhara encounters Mahindra and requests the jaljeera that he had given to Susheela the previous night. Mahindra instructs Golu to distract Bapodhara for a while. He contacts Susheela and discovers that she lied to Bapodhara and met with Pushpa. Mahindra handles the situation adeptly. Deepti spots the jewelry in the cupboard and questions Pushpa about its ownership. Prathna arrives and notices her mother’s jewelry.

Bapodhara advises Chirag to sell their house in order to resolve Ashwin’s predicament. Susheela scolds him, and Chirag departs from the scene. Prathna inquires of Pushpa if the jewelry belongs to her mother. Pushpa confirms this and explains how Susheela insisted she accept it. Prathna commends her mother’s actions and urges Pushpa to sell the jewelry to rescue Ashwin. She promises to keep it a secret. Pushpa expresses her gratitude. Pushpa and Deepti set out to sell the jewelry. Ashwin arrives at the restaurant and inquires about Binesh, learning that he was present there the previous night.

He wonders why Binesh is not answering his calls. Moments later, Binesh shows up. Ashwin confronts him for causing turmoil in his life. The hotel staff witnesses the altercation and contacts the police. Deepti takes Pushpa to Manohar’s jewelry store. They offer the jewelry as collateral, explaining their situation to him. The jeweler provides them with money in return. They exit the store, and Pushpa instructs Deepti to call Ashwin so they can pay the penalty.

Deepti dials Ashwin’s number, but the manager answers the call. Deepti discovers that Ashwin assaulted Binesh at the bar and immediately rushes there in her car. Pushpa observes Deepti departing hastily and decides to follow her. Ashwin continues to confront Binesh and informs him that he will not let him go until he pays the 40 lakhs they owe due to their actions.

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