Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th June 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Dooriyan Written Update Teri Meri Doriyaann (TMD) Written Update: The episode commences with Angad requesting Sahiba to reveal […]

teri meri doriyaann written update

Teri Meri Dooriyan Written Update 17th June 2024

Teri Meri Doriyaann (TMD) 17th June 2024 Written Update:

The episode commences with Angad requesting Sahiba to reveal her leg. Sahiba makes a comment about Angad’s request. Angad hands over the medication to Sahiba and instructs her to apply it herself. Angad departs from the location. Sahiba gazes at the bracelet and ponders why it is present in her room, as it actually belongs to Seerat. Jasleen urges the event organizer to modify the entire decoration since she is dissatisfied with the current design. The event organizer informs Jasleen that it will be costly. Jasleen assures the event organizer not to be concerned about the finances. The event organizer exits the scene. Jasleen arranges luxurious accommodations for all of Yash’s guests at a five-star hotel. Jaspal and Inder question Jasleen about her extravagant spending and remind her that their bank accounts have been frozen.

Jasleen reminds Jaspal and Inder that she is embarking on a fresh start in her life, and they should not worry about money. Angad arrives and assures Jasleen that her wedding will proceed as per her desires, and advises her to not worry about finances. Jasleen expresses her gratitude to Angad. Sahiba enters Seerat’s room and discovers her engaged in a phone conversation. Seerat informs Garry that she is on her way and urges him to stop threatening her. Seerat ends the call. Sahiba approaches Seerat and questions why her bracelet is in Angad’s room. Seerat expresses her gratitude to Sahiba for returning the bracelet. Sahiba asks Seerat once again why her bracelet was in Angad’s room.

Seerat explains to Sahiba that she went to that room to seek her opinion on what gift she should purchase for Jasleen. Sahiba inquires about the person Seerat was speaking with on the phone and the nature of the threat. Seerat discloses that the shop owner is threatening to send the gift to Brar mansion, which would ruin her surprise for Jasleen. Seerat plans to retrieve the gift she purchased for Jasleen and departs from the scene. Sahiba becomes suspicious of Seerat and decides to follow her. Garry opens the brown file and examines the contents of the hard drive, which contain highly confidential information about the Brar family business. Mannat sends a message to Sunny Sood inquiring about their upcoming meeting.

Angad sends a message to Mannat, informing her that he will be leaving Ludhiana and plans to meet her at a later time. Mannat agrees to this arrangement. Pam inquires about the duration of their frozen accounts and the timeframe for Angad’s money transfer from his bank account. Angad assures her that he is actively working to resolve the issue. Veer contacts Kirat and requests her presence at Jasleen’s engagement. However, Kirat declines the invitation. Angad arrives and inquires about the situation from Veer. Veer explains that he wishes for Kirat and her family to be part of the celebration, as Yash played a significant role in Veer’s opportunity. Veer asks Angad to extend the invitation to Kirat and her family, to which Angad agrees. Sahiba discreetly follows Seerat in a taxi and trails her to a hotel.

Meanwhile, Priya calls Sahiba, who hides from Seerat and claims to be preparing a surprise for her sister. Priya apologizes to Sahiba for the interruption. Seerat questions Priya about her conversation with Sahiba, to which Priya reveals that she contacted her friend Sahiba Kapoor. Seerat denies knowing Sahiba and departs from the scene. Sahiba notices that Seerat has headed to the 11th floor and decides to follow her. Angad pays a visit to Monga’s residence and extends an invitation for them to attend Jasleen’s engagement. He assures Ahith and Santosh that neither Kirat nor they will face any disrespect during the event.


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