YRKKH 1st December 2023 Written Update

yrkkh written update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 1st December 2023 Written Update:

In today’s episode, Arman recalls the words of Mrs. Poddar. He strolls down the street with a heavy heart. Arman asserts that his mother cannot be mistaken. Madhav and Arman confront each other: Arman politely excuses himself. Vidya observes Arman from a distance. Ruhi rummages through her room. Manish and Swarna inquire about the object of Ruhi’s search. Ruhi replies that she is searching for a remote control. Manish assists Ruhi. Ruhi continues her search.

Manish asks Swarna why Ruhi seems restless. Swarna speculates that Ruhi is searching for Arman. Ruhi becomes annoyed. Vidya informs Arman that Mrs. Poddar genuinely loves him. Arman acknowledges this fact. He adds that Mrs. Poddar despises his biological mother. Vidya questions Arman’s doubts about her love. Arman clarifies that the Poddars have accepted him. However, he feels disheartened that he was not born into the family.

Vidya assures Arman that the house belongs to him. She declares that Arman is Mrs. Poddar’s pride and the epitome of her nephew. Arman queries Vidya about his own pain. Vidya presents herself as his truth. Arman wonders how Vidya has endured a lifetime of suffering. Vidya pleads with Arman not to make her cry. She assures him that their bond will remain unchanged. Vidya and Arman embrace each other. Yuvraj demands that Jagtap open the door.

Jagtap instructs Yuvraj to leave and do as he pleases. Arman grows anxious to speak with Ruhi. He frantically searches for Ruhi’s contact number. Arman attempts to call Abhira in order to obtain Ruhi’s number. However, Abhira refuses to engage in conversation with Arman. Meanwhile, Ruhi assumes that Arman has come to her house. She becomes exhilarated. Rohit pays a visit to the Goenka family. He introduces himself to the Goenkas. Ruhi stands in shock. She anxiously awaits Arman’s call.

Manish asks Rohit to express gratitude on behalf of Mrs. Poddar. Rohit requests the gift items. Manish scolds him for not sending Soan Papadi. Nevertheless, Manish decides to indulge in the sweets. Ruhi laments that Arman has not called her, even once. She then asks Manish to refrain from eating the sweets. Rohit finds Ruhi adorable when she scolds others. He envisions Ruhi looking even more charming when she smiles. The Poddar family gathers to perform the Puja ceremony. Rohit wonders why the family appears tense. Both Arman and Mrs. Poddar deliberately avoid each other.


yrkkh written update

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