Doree 1st December 2023 Written Update

doree written update

Doree Written Update 1st December 2023

Doree 1st December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with Anand expressing admiration for the exquisite design of Ganga Prasad’s dhuppatta. He suggests that Ganga Prasad could earn a substantial amount of money by selling his design to him, which would secure a prosperous future for his daughter. However, Ganga Prasad dismisses his offer and asks him to leave. Meanwhile, Kailash Devi, recalling Shukhla’s words, rings the temple bell. In the meantime, Ganga Prasad confronts Anand, revealing that he understands the ulterior motive behind his visit. He asserts that he refuses to stoop to the level of wealthy individuals like Anand and promptly takes Doree away from the scene. Frustrated, Anand retaliates by intimidating Ganga Prasad, driving his car dangerously close to him.

Anand then informs Doree that someone had hit him with a car, hence his fear of approaching any car. Curious, Doree inquires about the identity of the culprit, to which Anand replies that he is unaware. Later, Kailash Devi concludes the holy ceremony and Anand approaches her, informing her of Ganga Prasad’s refusal to work for them. He assures her that he will find a way to convince him. However, Kailash Devi slaps him, disappointed that he was unable to defeat a six-year-old girl and her father. She questions his audacity to claim belonging to the esteemed Tagore family. Kailash Devi grants him one day to persuade Ganga Prasad, emphasizing the importance of acquiring his design.

Ganga Prasad’s father also urges Anand to convince him. Subsequently, Doree, witnessing her father’s distress, pleads with him not to go through with it. Ganga Prasad reassures her of his affection, expressing his love and commitment by tattooing her name on his hand. Doree acknowledges his love, and Ganga Prasad remarks on how people always demand proof, even when it comes to acknowledging God. He believes it is crucial to present evidence to the world that Doree is his daughter, emphasizing that she may not share his blood but is unquestionably his daughter. The villagers readily accept Ganga Prasad as Doree’s father and request him to perform the holy ceremony the following day.

Doree joyfully dances in celebration. However, Ganga Prasad suddenly feels dizzy, and Doree notices his condition, determined to find the person responsible for hitting her father with a car. Later, Satho questions Doree about their purpose for being in that particular place. Doree explains that she has some business to attend to. Unfortunately, they are apprehended by a constable who wrongly accuses them of being thieves. Doree vehemently denies the accusations, stating that she came to file a complaint. However, the constable dismisses her plea, declaring that it is too late and warns them against causing any trouble.

Madam will arrive here shortly. Doree inquires about the identity of this madam. The inspector makes his way to the scene. The constable instructs Doree to vacate the area. She requests him to document her grievance. He urges her to depart. An inspector intervenes and questions Doree regarding her complaint. Later, Neenu encounters Anand. She informs him that she has gathered a group of highly skilled individuals. Anand showcases the design to them. He implores them to replicate the same design for him. They assert that it is not their creation. Someone exceptionally gifted must have crafted it. They admit their inability to recreate it. Kailash Devi grows increasingly frustrated.

Anand insists that they leave, as he will not pay them without the desired design. Meanwhile, the police arrive at the scene. The inspector informs Anand that he is under arrest. Anand’s father inquires about the matter from Neenu. She advises him to question his son. Kailash questions her audacity to enter her house while wearing pants and a shirt. The police claim that she fails to command respect and obedience from her family members. Doree files a complaint against him, stating that someone hit her father with a car. Kailash Devi glares at Anand.

Neenu overhears the conversation. Satho informs Nani that Doree has created a beautiful rangoli. Doree asks him to seek Neenu’s opinion on its beauty upon her arrival. She believes that God will surely listen to her. Neenu contradicts her, stating that God will not heed her requests. She blames Doree for ruining the rangoli and everyone’s lives in this place. They have lost their sources of income due to Doree and her father. Ganga Prasad questions Neenu’s negative statements and asks her to inquire from his daughter.


doree written update

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