Doree 23rd February 2024 Written Update

Doree Written Update 23rd February 2024: The episode commences with Neelu inquiring of Ganga Prasad whether he had brought the bracelet for Doree. Ganga Prasad responds by informing her that it was Doree’s parents who had procured it for her. Neelu ponders over the fact that Doree is Kailash Devi’s granddaughter, as Mansi had given birth to a girl six years prior. She considers this to be good news and proceeds to call Mansi. Neelu asks Mansi if she has discovered anything, to which Neelu replies affirmatively, stating that she has learned a great deal. It becomes apparent that Neelu is not searching for a thief, but rather for her own daughter. No one in her family is aware of this. Mansi excuses herself from her family to have a conversation with Neelu and implores her to inform her if she learns anything about her daughter. Neelu assures Mansi that she knows her daughter well, which brings Mansi joy. Neelu suggests that they meet at the temple, where she will disclose information about her daughter.

Mansi is elated to discover that her daughter is still alive and believes that God will protect her. Meanwhile, Neelu reflects on how she had underestimated Ganga Prasad and his daughter, realizing that they will be of great assistance to her. Later on, Ganga Prasad and Doree are peacefully sleeping in their room when a thief stealthily enters their house and abducts Doree. Ganga Prasad quickly becomes aware of the situation and gives chase. He pleads with the thief to halt in his tracks. To his astonishment, Ganga Prasad discovers that the thief bears a striking resemblance to himself. Ganga Prasad questions his own conscience as to why he has returned. The thief explains that he had no choice but to come back as he intends to return Doree to her parents.

Ganga Prasad insists that Doree is his daughter, but his conscience reminds him of his promise to raise her like a queen, whereas he is treating her like a servant and denying her an education. The conscience declares that he will reunite Doree with her rightful parents. Ganga Prasad maintains that Doree is his daughter and pleads with the thief to send her to school, acknowledging that he has failed as a father and does not deserve her. The thief takes Doree away, and Ganga Prasad awakens from his dream, frantically searching for her. He soon discovers that Doree is addressing the people of the Basti, motivating them to work together. Ganga Prasad is reminded of his conscience’s words, realizing that he has neglected to send her to school and has been an inadequate father figure. Doree notices his presence.

She informs him that she will assist him in crafting a fresh concept. Ganga urges her to refrain from touching the handloom. He requests her to engage in playing with toys like any other child. He implores her to attend school. Doree asserts that she is merely offering assistance. Ganga Prasad declares that he does not require her help. He instructs her to never lay a hand on it again. He is willing to do anything necessary for her well-being. Should she persist, he would rather perish. She pleads with him not to speak in such a manner. Ganga Prasad professes his willingness to do anything for her, but warns her to avoid this thread. She assures him that she will comply. She promises to attend school on his behalf. They embrace. In the meantime, Mansi firmly believes that today she will locate her daughter and shower her with love.

Kailash Devi performs arathi for Komal and expresses her eagerness to welcome her grandson. Kailash Devi requests Mansi to prepare all of her favorite dishes. Mansi contemplates the necessity of meeting Neelu. Komal grows suspicious and decides to trail her. Ganga Prasad is taken aback upon learning that the school fees amount to 70,000. He assures the peon that he will settle the fees. Doree believes that he must toil diligently in order to earn her school fees. Mansi resolves to uncover the truth about her child today and prevent her from straying too far.

Komal realizes that she did not come here solely for the purpose of worship. She is determined to uncover the truth. Neelu arrives. Mansi inquires about her daughter’s whereabouts. Neelu reveals that her daughter was handed over to someone six years ago by Ganga, but she was no longer alive when he received her. Neelu urges Mansi not to disclose this information to anyone. Neelu decides that she must inform Anand about it. She informs him that he had a daughter six years ago, and his wife desires to introduce her to the world. She asks him to meet her at the temple.