Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update

kundali bhagya written update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 1st December 2023

Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update:

The episode commences with the leader of the goons informing Rishabh that the latter is familiar to him. Rishabh pleads with him not to harm his family and proposes a conversation instead. Mahesh attempts to move, prompting the goon to point his gun at him. Rajveer intervenes between Mahesh and the goon in order to protect Mahesh. Karan and Mahesh are taken aback by this act. Mahesh inquires about the goon leader’s intentions. The goon leader mentions the name of the Luthra family. He questions Rajveer about his motive for saving the Luthras. He notices that Shaurya and Rajveer are dressed in the same outfit design and asks if they are brothers. Shaurya becomes enraged upon hearing this and questions how the goon leader can make such an assumption. He asserts that they are not afraid of goons.

One of the goons admits to damaging the CCTV cameras and panic button. He further reveals that the security guards are unconscious and mocks the situation. The goon leader boasts about his team’s professionalism and confesses to committing a murder that Rishabh is aware of. Rishabh questions the goon leader if he is Shekhar, the one who killed his boss. Shekhar confirms his identity and declares that it is time for revenge. Meanwhile, Kavya informs the goons that they can find valuable jewelry in the locker, with the key to the locker being in her room. She then flees from there. The men from the Luthra family engage in a fight with the goons.

In the meantime, Preeta regains consciousness and notices Kritika. She decides to inform the Luthras about the goons. Shanaya asks Shaurya what he is doing, to which he responds that he is attempting to call the police but cannot get a signal. Shanaya spots the goons and drags Shaurya into a room, causing them to fall to the floor. Shaurya questions her actions as the goons enter the room. Shanaya explains that she was trying to protect him from the goons. One of the goons points a gun at Shaurya, but Daljeet arrives and saves both Shaurya and Shanaya.

Preeta informs Nidhi about the goons, but Nidhi refuses to believe her and tells her to leave. Preeta warns Nidhi that the Luthras are in danger. Nidhi advises her to keep her distance from the Luthras and retreats inside. Gurpreet enters the scene and reprimands Nidhi, informing her about the goons. Nidhi decides to hide and goes indoors. Preeta sets off to rescue the Luthra family. Karan leads Kareena to a room and instructs her to stay there and lock the door from inside. He then departs to rescue his family.

He observes thugs and instructs them to depart from that location. He informs them that he will summon the authorities. Shekhar informs him that they will not have a signal because he activated a device. Karan declares that he possesses a satellite phone and swiftly departs from that place. The thugs pursue Karan. Shaurya discusses Palki with Daljeet and Shanaya. Shanaya notices this conversation. He advises Shanaya and Daljeet to conceal themselves in the chamber and departs from there. Shanaya and Daljeet enter Nidhi’s quarters.

Nidhi commands them to vacate the room. Shanaya vehemently scolds Nidhi. In a shocking twist, Nidhi slaps Shanaya. However, it turns out to be nothing more than Shanaya’s imagined scenario. Mahesh states that he can repel the thugs by utilizing marbles. Rishabh disputes Mahesh’s assertion, claiming that it is not feasible. Rakhi places her trust in Mahesh and accompanies him. Several more thugs arrive at the Luthra residence. Shekhar requests the key to the safe from Kavya. Kavya flees from that location. The goons commence a search for Kavya.


kundali bhagya written update

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