Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Kundali Bhagya Written Update: The episode starts with Preeta expressing her feelings of anger towards Karan […]

kundali bhagya written update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 17th June 2024

Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2024 Written Update:

The episode starts with Preeta expressing her feelings of anger towards Karan for taking away her rights. Gurpreet urges her to forgive Karan for the sake of Rajveer. Preeta questions the presence of the police in their house, and Gurpreet explains everything to her. Preeta suspects that someone deliberately locked her in the room. Gurpreet speculates that either Rajveer or Mohit might be responsible for locking Preeta up. Meanwhile, Shaurya instructs Sandy to get into the car. A constable notices them, but Shaurya and Sandy manage to escape. Karan interrogates Mohit about the woman who was locked in the room. Mohit lies and claims that she was his cousin. Karan insists that he heard Preeta’s voice from that room. Rajveer informs the police inspector that there are no drug peddlers in his house.

Karan asks Mohit to take him to his cousin, but Mohit reveals that she has already left. The constable informs the police inspector that he saw the drug peddlers escaping in their car. The police leave the scene. Karan instructs Mohit to call his cousin, while Rajveer suspects that Karan may have seen Preeta. Rajveer asks Karan about the preparations for Shaurya’s engagement ceremony and offers his assistance. Karan suggests taking Rajveer to the Luthra house and asks Mohit to call his cousin. Nidhi anxiously awaits a phone call from Rakhi. Karan answers Rakhi’s call and learns that Dadi is unwell. He leaves with Nidhi. Rajveer informs Mohit that he is heading to the Luthra house and leaves. Rajveer offers to drive the car since Karan seems stressed.

Nidhi comments on Karan’s driving skills, but Karan hands the car keys to Rajveer, which irritates Nidhi. Preeta searches for Karan in the house, and Mohit informs her that he has left. Gurpreet informs Mohit that Preeta is upset with Karan for participating in Rajveer’s engagement rituals. Mohit explains that the engagement ceremony is over and the guests have left. Preeta questions how Karan could perform the rituals, and Gurpreet explains that Rajveer is like a son to Karan. Preeta argues that Shaurya is like her son, but she would never perform his engagement rituals. She wonders why Rajveer did not object to this and decides to talk to him. Preeta calls Rajveer, but Mohit informs her that Rajveer has gone to the Luthra house to help Karan. P

Preeta ponders when Karan and Rajveer became so close. Mahesh inquires of Dadi’s sudden condition. Kritika mentions that she had called the physician. Rajveer and Karan arrive at the scene. Kareena informs Karan about Dadi’s skin irritation. Rishabh appears shortly after. Rakhi explains that Dadi experienced difficulty breathing. Preeta reaches out to Rajveer and inquires about Dadi’s situation. Rajveer advises her to ask Dadi about her symptoms and the food she consumed. Karan questions Rajveer if his mother is a medical professional. Dadi clarifies that she only had soup. Rajveer relays this information to Preeta, sharing the ingredients of the soup. Preeta discovers that Dadi has an allergy to mushrooms and instructs Rajveer to prepare a herbal concoction for her. She sends him the recipe for the concoction. Rajveer forwards the recipe to Rakhi, who then heads to the kitchen to prepare it. Meanwhile, Shaurya confides in Sandy that he could have witnessed Rajveer’s arrest.


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