Vanshaj 17th June 2024 Written Update

Vanshaj Written Update Vanshaj Written Update: The episode kicks off with Isha receiving her photoshoot photographs, and Simone expressing her […]

vanshaj written update

Vanshaj Written Update 17th June 2024

Vanshaj 17th June 2024 Written Update:

The episode kicks off with Isha receiving her photoshoot photographs, and Simone expressing her excitement for the pictures being featured in renowned magazines. Yuvika and Dada babu are lighting a diya when DJ arrives, asking if he can also light one. Dada babu warmly welcomes him for the religious ceremony, and the three of them complete the puja together. Bhoomi is present as well and becomes suspicious upon seeing DJ. Dada babu tells DJ that he is pleased to see him in the temple for the first time, encouraging them to carry out their tasks with dedication and accepting life’s decisions as blessings from God. DJ smirks and vows to carry out his enmity with utmost dedication. Yuvika mentions that she has to leave for the office, and Dada babu suggests that she accompany him.

However, she requests him to come to the office later, opting to go first. DJ remarks that Prem should have set an example like this, as the staff will follow suit if the chairperson arrives on time. Bhoomi gives Yuvika her lunchbox and advises her to eat on schedule. Vidur asks Neel if he will be dropping Yuvika off at the office. Neel responds that he and Yuvika do not perceive any difference in their status, emphasizing that she is a Naggar, not a Mahajan. Harsh enters and informs Vidur that they need to vacate the house, handing them a notice. Vidur instructs Neel to drop Yuvika at the office and return promptly, as it would be preferable for them to distance themselves from the Mahajans as soon as possible. Yuvika waits for Neel, but when he doesn’t arrive on time, she takes an auto and leaves.

Neel feels devastated and silently apologizes to Yuvika. Yuvika arrives at the office and is warmly greeted by the staff. She enters Prem’s office, and Ritika informs her that the chairperson’s cabin is in a different location. Yuvika explains that it was her father’s office, and she wishes to use the same space. Yuvika becomes emotional upon entering the office room. When Ritika suggests changing the chair because it is in poor condition, Yuvika requests her to bring tape instead, as she does not want to replace the chair that Prem used. She finds a letter from her father, outlining his promise as the chairperson, and she solemnly vows to follow the same path and principles as outlined by Prem. Vivek enters the cabin, complimenting Yuvika.

Yuvika inquires about the meeting she had previously arranged for the members of the board and the laborers. Yuvika proposes that it is necessary to terminate certain employees and informs Vivek and Karan that they are being let go due to their lack of knowledge beyond falsely praising those in higher positions. Dada Babu approves of Yuvika’s decision. Vidur enters the office and Dada Babu informs him about Yuvika firing Karan and Vivek. Vidur remarks that after many years, he appears to be very relieved. Dada Babu states that he feels lighter and has made the decision to give his 11% share of the property to Shubhdra. Yuvika informs the laborers that she wishes to speak with them and they kindly invite her to join them for lunch. The laborers offer to have their salaries reduced in order to alleviate some of the burden on Yuvika. Yuvika playfully jests with them and later suggests that instead of reducing their salaries, she would like to request that they increase their working hours.


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